Custom Lapel Pins

Pin-Centives has been making custom lapel pins (not to mention coins, earrings, cuff links and key chains) for over 20 years. We've made them for every type of organization and event, including schools, sports, awards, service recognition, fraternities/sororities, company promotional pins and trading pins for conventions and tournaments. We manufacture several types of lapel pins, as described below. But don't worry - part of our service is to help you decide which type will make the perfect pin for the look you're trying to achieve. Read about them below, look at some examples of each, and see if you're don't get some great ideas!

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Here are descriptions of the style and type of pins we can produce for you.

Hard Enamel Lapel Pins


hard enamel pin



The earliest lapel pins were made using traditional Cloisonn
é, the ancient method of glass enameling in which powdered glass is poured into the recesses of a die-struck metal base and baked at a high temperature. The glass enamel is then sanded and polished to be flush with the metal lines that separate the colors. This gives the lapel pins a smooth and lustrous quality.

Today's method, using New Hard Enamel (sometimes called Epola) starts out the same way. But instead of powdered glass, hard epoxy enamel is used to fill the recessed spaces. This epoxy enamel gives a beautiful, high quality look similar to that of the Cloisonné, but at a lower price and with hundreds of color options, compared to the very limited color options with Cloisonné. With each of these techniques the metal base can be plated in gold, silver (nickel), black, copper or brass.

Great for recognition, awards or membership lapel pins. Highest, jewelry-like quality.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins




This type of lapel pin is the most popular, because it has a high-quality look and almost limitless color options but is less expensive than the Epola or Cloisonn
é style. With this style, softer enamel is painted into the recesses of the die-struck metal base,leaving a relief effect that lets you feel the die-struck pattern. Gold silver (nickel) or black nickel and copper plating are also available. Add a clear epoxy dome for long-lasting durability and shiny, finished look to this lapel pin.

Great for recognition, awards and school lapel pins  

2-Tone Gold or Silver Lapel Pins


For designs requiring no enamel colors, the basic die-struck lapel pin gives a classic dimensional look using only metal in relief. A base metal is stamped with the lapel pin design and cut out. The metal base is then plated with gold, silver (nickel), black nickel, copper or with a combination of these metals for a special effect. These can be antiqued, sandblasted or polished.

Great for recognition, awards and memberships.


Photo Etched Lapel Pins

photo etched pin


  Photo Etched lapel pins look similar to Soft Enamel lapel pins, however the Photo Etched lapel pins allow for much higher detailing of lettering and design. Your design is chemically etched into a metal base, creating recesses which are then filled with soft enamel. Gold, silver (nickel), gunmetal black nickel and copper plating are available as well as clear epoxy finish.

Great for clubs or sports team lapel pins, or anything requiring an intricate design.

Printed Lapel Pins


The Offset Printed lapel pin is an excellent choice for lapel pin designs with detailed color gradations or shading. Your artwork is perfectly reproduced at high resolution onto a shaped metal base. The print is then covered with clear epoxy dome for long-lasting protection.

Screen Printing is an option that works great in combination with a hard enamel lapel pin where you can't have metal lines in-between colors. Also when a logo needs to be reproduced exactly as it appears in print.

Great  for promotional products, conventions, company gifts or giveaways.

Cast Metal Lapel Pins



For a design that requires a more three-dimensional look, we recommend using a Cast Metal alloy molded lapel pin. This is achieved by pouring the melted alloy metal into a mold created from your design. The lapel pin is then polished smooth and plated in your choice of gold, silver (nickel), or black nickel. In this style of lapel pin colors are seldom used.

Great for recognition, awards, and membership lapel pins.

Flashing Light Lapel Pins (Pin-LightsTM)

  flashing light pin1

  The Flashing Light lapel pin is a popular new concept. These high-profile blinking lapel pins are excellent as company giveaways especially at conventions and for use in school fundraisers as part of a mascot lapel pin. These pins attract attention whenever they light up with their embedding blinking device.

Flashing Light lapel pins are great for organizations such as firefighters or motorcycle clubs or for any company that sells a product where a flashing or blinking light would compliment their product or service. Some great examples of use are: eyes of an animal, light in a lighthouse, or vehicle,  a stars shine or a gemstones gleam. Flashing Lights come in the colors of yellow, green, red, blue or white.

Great for promotional products, conventions, company gifts or giveaways.

Coins and Medallions


Coins and Medallions have most of the options available in creating a lapel pin, but are made with either a thick die-struck metal base or alloy injection molding. A variety of enameling, metal plating and sandblasting finishes can be used to give the Coin or Medallion its own unique and high quality look.

Great for promotional products, conventions, company gifts or giveaways.